Babies Babies Babies!

My sister in law is having her first baby sometime in the next two weeks. Pretty exciting. I’m still working on the Dalegarn baby cardigan/booties/bonnet pattern, but I am on the sleeves. They are made in the round, and look adorable. They take a lot of work. I’m hoping to be done by Tuesday (April 18). Here is a started sleeve:


The rest of the cardigan is made but it doesn’t look very impressive yet. I can’t wait to sew it together. Should I buy pink ribbon or make yarn ties for it?

A friend from medical school just had her second child. I’m thinking of sending her a doll for the baby’s room. I always love making these dolls.

I know some other women pregnant now with girls. One of them is going to get a baby blanket. One of these, hopefully.



The other is probably getting this, if I can figure out how to make it.DSCN00121.JPG
Look familiar? I haven’t even worked on it since the last time I posted about it.

Hell Freezes Over

Well, anyone who knows me will soon know that my job is going to go through some major changes this summer. Changes that may turn this job into the very things I moved here to get rid of. It only took a year. I’m not sure why that surprises me, that seems to be my usual pattern. I likely won’t have time for projects after July 1. Therefore, my new goal is to finish as many projects as possible by July 1, before my personal hell gets here. As my countdown shows, I have 95 days left to finish projects.

My Dalegarn baby cardigan is coming along nicely. It takes so much work! Size two needles takes a lot of stitches. I’m within an inch of starting the armholes.


And I blocked the baby hat and booties I recently finished. The “button Hat” is a free pattern from the yarn store, and the booties are from 50 Baby Booties to Knit. The yarn is Rowan Soft Baby, and it is a thicker baby yarn, probably worsted weight. I don’t think this is newborn size, so I’ll send it to my SIL in Texas. By the time the baby grows into this, it’ll be fall or winter down there, I think.


Projects Projects Projects

My brother and SIL are having a baby girl in April, so I am trying hard to knit things. After extensive searching, I think I have enough patterns. Now I just need time to MAKE them. I’ve already finished two baby dresses, which are shown under Finished Projects, and I’ve been working steadily on a Dalegarn pattern with Baby Ull yarn. It’s a sweater with hat and booties. I’ve got the hat and one bootie done, and I’m bogged down on the sweater. It’s made with size 2 needles! Argh. Here’s how it looks so far:

One of the other doctors at work is also having a baby girl, so I am looking for things to make for her as well. I might give her the hat and booties that are being blocked. I’m not sure yet. I need advice from someone who knows the approximate size or a newborn. Or better yet, a baby model. In the meantime, I am attempting to make a baby hairpin lace blanket with Lionbrand Homespun Baby yarn without any pattern. It seems too coarse so I’m considering starting over. I just can’t decide. Here is what it looks like so far:

My mom’s birthday was in February. I asked her if I could make her a sweater. She agreed, so I am making a simple ecru sweater with Rapture yarn. Rapture is half wool, half silk. It’s neat, fluffy, shiny stuff. I am worried that the sweater won’t turn out, that it’ll be too thick to look good, or too small. So far the guage is working out. I am doing the back section and I’m almost to the armpit. So I’ve actually gotten a good bit done.

This is what the pattern looks like: this

I solemnly swear to work on these projects before starting anyone new ones. This week. Also, I’m trying to make these pictures bigger and it’s not working. I should ask about that.

New Car

I got a new car yesterday! A brand new red 2006 Toyota Camry. Pictures this weekend, if the weather allows. I’m still trying to figure out how to make the seat more comfortable. I suppose I should read the directions or something.

I haven’t had much time to knit this week but I finished a koala bear!

Ok, it’s not really a koala bear.

It’s a pair of booties. The hat is all done, too, so I’ll block it and start on one of my other ongoing projects. I’m making a sweater for my mom, and a baby blanket, and also a baby cardigan. I’m kind of bogged down on all of them. More about those projects later.

Found My Knitting

Since I started knitting again last October I have been contemplating having my own knitting blog. Knitting sure has changed since I learned to knit 20 years ago. Back when I learned in the 1980s from some book made in the 1960s, knitting seemed pretty obscure. Nobody was doing it, and the yarns were not very nice and the knitting needles were even ugly. I don’t recall finding any great patterns back then. I did make some baby outfits, and I even knitted myself two sweaters, one from a pattern and one that I constructed myself by researching patterns and measuring methods from a book at the library. I admit, my location in a small town in Texas didn’t really help in my knitting efforts. Perhaps bigger cities had more interesting patterns and yarns back then. Of course, I didn’t have any money for nicer things, so I guess I was better off not knowing what I was missing.

I really liked crocheting better back then. It was faster. I made tons of Christmas tree ornaments, pencil toppers, kitchen stuffs, and multiple afghans. I always felt that clothing came out better when knitted, however. Don’t even ask me about the granny square sweater I tried to make from a free pattern.

I also enjoyed counted cross stitch and have several patterns up on walls here and at my parent’s house.

I stopped all projects when I went to medical school. Oh, there may have a been a few times where I had some time off and I picked up a project, but it was pretty rare. In residency I did a large cross stitch pattern one year and an afghan that I use as a fake quilt on my bed another year. Within a year of getting my first real job, however, I stopped all projects completely. My last finished project was probably a shawl I made for a cruise and a pair of slippers I crocheted mostly while listening to bad comedians on said cruise.

Now that I am at my third job, I have more free time. I am also far happier than I have ever been since my third year of medical school. Apparently, it took me only about 8 years to realize the real benefits and the joys of my profession.

So imagine my surprise when I start looking around and find yarns to die for right in my own Indiana city. Patterns far different from anything I ever imagined. Felting. And tons of internet blogs and sites with hundred of hours of knitting fun to appreciate and pore over right in my own home.

I have relearned all my old skills, and am busy learning new ones. I’ll be posting my project details and hopefully talking about the things I learn. And showing lots of pictures.