Preemie Hats–7

Seven preemie hats to start out a 1 lb, 2 oz baby’s NICU stay.  Unfortunately all the hats will be too big.   But I’m not sure micropreemies wear hats much, and she certainly won’t be out of her incubator much while she is still intubated.  So, seven hats to start with.

This one is made with silver Gedifra Top Soft,  which has silk, polyamid, and viscous in it.  Sounds yummy.  Well, it feels sooo soft and silky.  I used the Cabled Baby Hats  pattern, but only used four cables instead of five, and cut out a few rows here and there to make it shorter for a smaller preemie.


This one is made with Baby Bee Sweet Delight prints, in a very very light pink with little confetti colors scattered on it.  It is acrylic/polyamide. Pattern was Bev’s Baby Ribs Hat.


These three are the Mock Rib and Eyelet Preemie Hat.  The pink and blue striped one is made with Bernat Softee Baby, all acrylic.  The pink and green one is Baby Bee Sweet Delight Wrap, polyamide and acrylic.  The bottom hat is the Baby Bee Sweet Delights Print again.


These two hats are in the Spiral Preemie Cap pattern.  The white one is another Gedifra Soft Tops.  The multicolored one is just a worsted weight acrylic yarn, possibly Red Heart.


Bailey approves.