2015 Xmas Projects

Did you know that using Xmas instead of Christmas is actually perfectly acceptable and centuries old?  Apparently X has stood for the word Christ since the 15th century.  X is the Greek letter for chi.  I think I might start calling myself an Xtian from now on.

The 2015 ornament for the staff at work was this bluebird of happiness, inspired by the blue scrubs they wear on Wednesdays.  The instructions were free, and they are absolutely brilliant.  You can see the wing and the eye built right in, and no seams!  you make the body first starting at the neck, then finish at the tail, leaving the stitches open.  Then, graft the head stitches at the other end.  After finishing at the beak, you then stuff the whole bird through the tail.  The top bird was made with Cotton Fleece, blue paradise color.  The bottom one was made with Ella Rae Amity.  I didn’t like it as well, the fuzziness of it detracts from it. The cotton one was much sleeker and was a perfect match for their scrubs, too!




I also made this amazing set of fingerless mitts.  Pattern was in Brooklyn Boot Liners & Mitts  I used Koigu KPM for this.  Plenty of yarn.  I may have enough for another pair.  Will have to weigh the mitts and yarn to be sure.  I used colors 5101 1 and 3010 99.  Nummy!  I gave it to my future stepmother, Irene.



My backup project for 2015 was a big afghan. I fell out of love with it as soon as I made the first square, but all the yarn is paid for, so I’m slowly working on it.  It’s a bulky project so it is hard to drag around for spontaneous knitting.  We shall see how long it takes.



And finally, I finished my back up back up BACK up project, after about 5 years.  I nearly frogged it 3 times.  This is Mabel.  I told the ladies at the yarn store it looked terrible and they told me to keep going, it comes out cute.  And it did.  But, the guage is so off that it is way bigger than it is supposed to be.  Whether or not it is wearable, I have no idea.  But, it did come out cute!  Now that it is done I think it is a 12-15 month size. I made the sleeves in the round which was not in the pattern.  I didn’t think the pattern was that great.  But that just might be me, looking back at a five year project.  I used Rowan wool cotton color SH 592.  Strangely, I had some left over.  I used a cute silver looking hook and eye, instead of the snap they suggested.