Time to start posting again, yes it is

Sorry I disappeared for awhile.  It’s always hard to post before Xmas, because of Secrets! but after Xmas a year ago I never caught up enough to finish projects and post them.  So here we go.

Xmas project for the staff at work for 2013 was an extra simple project, which I enclosed in a Vera Bradley walletlet, just for fun.  This is a simple poinsettia made on white plastic canvas.


Xmas project for the staff at work for 2014 were more crocheted snowflakes, just made with the usual Aunt Lydia’s Classic 10.  I used a variety of patterns, but gravitated to the smaller ones.  Sorry for the poor picture.  This is the board that I stiffened them on over wax paper with sugar and water.  I discovered I prefer extremely hard snoflakes so I switched to a thicker version of sugar water halfway thru.  They came out really nice.



My nieces both got American Girl Doll dresses for their Walmart dolls in 2014.  I bought my knock off and named her Neva, to use as a pattern so I hope I can make something else.  Poor Neva is quite lonely.

These are the Pleated Summer Doll Dress by Knit N Play.  They were made with complementary colors, which worked out very well.  I made the pink one a little too big, but it was still usable, once I tightened the neck up.  I used Wool of the Andes sportweight yarn, I think. At the bottom I have a picture of them on my nieces dolls.






My other big project was this cute sweater.  It was a kit, which I regretted buying when I saw it.  But once I made it I discovered it was actually adorable.  A little boy got this in 2014.


In 2016 I had no big projects.  I made a nice pair of socks… my first pair of completed, sock weight socks. I chose to make them shorter anklet socks.  I think I used Opal sock yarn, made in the “Harry Potter” colourway.  I absolutely loved this ball of yarn when I saw it at the store. I just used the basic sock pattern from Not Just Socks as I love how easy it is and I needed a simple pattern for the complex yarn.  I made it all with one ball, tried to start the second sock at a similar sock so they would match somewhat.  Colors were a little milder on second sock, but they did stripe up similarly.

I also fell in loove with the Aviatrix pattern.  I immediately grabbed the pattern and made this adorable little baby girl hat.  I was tired if trying to figure out how to make a cute rose so I just put a bow on instead.  I used Debbie Bliss cashmerino, one of my favorites for babies.  My newborn sized doll Lucy was happy to model the bonnet.





Then I made a boy hat version using the button and strap option.  Doesn’t it remind you of someone?  Maybe it’s just me.  But I’m thinking of renaming this hat Marvin when it’s for a boy.



I’m planning to pair it with some Ruth’s perfect baby booties also in ivory.

And yes, I did make a bunch more of my favorite baby bootie pattern, Ruth’s Perfect Baby Booties.  All with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.  Here’s 3 new sets: