Found His Mittens

three little kittens, they lost their mittens...

A Little Bird Told Me #2

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I made this second one with knitpicks chambray Wool of the Andes.  It took almost four balls, I think.  I made it in the round, with an extra 10 stitches across, and 12 on each side.  That gives a total of 114 in the round instead of 90.  I made the flap with 36 instead of 24, and kept it attached so I didn’t have to sew it on.  Then I made a separate piece with 28 stitches across and about 7 inches long and sewed it on the backside to be a cell phone holder after I washed the heck out of all the pieces.  It really shrank up but it is nice and thick and holds its shape well, and it is at least an inch taller and wider than the original bag.  I just estimated the holes locations for the drawstrings after I was done, I didn’t do yarn overs.  And, I attached the strap by putting the strap into the posterior holes and knotting them off with the drawstring cords.




As you can see in the bottom picture I added a magnetic snap.  I attached the piece on the flap by using a scrap piece leftover from the cell phone piece.

Aaaaaand here is my car.  After my little car accident today.



This is the other car.


A Little Bird Told Me #1 and Tulips#2

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That’s the name of my new bag, from  It’s really really cute.  Small, of course, and the drawstrings might be hard to get used to, and I’m not sure there is a way to securely close the flap.  But I like it, a lot.  I’m going to make a second one in a chambray blue color this week.  This bag was made with under 2 skeins of ella rae classic wool.

The completed bag is 7.5 inches tall, 3 inches deep, 7 inches wide. Like a lot of other people, I knitted it in the round and kept the flap attached, so I wouldn’t have to do any stitches.  I also made the strap with a 5 stitch icord, and knotted it into the back of the purse with the drawstrings.  This way, no sewing, and it’s totally adjustable!


Here is the before picture.  It measures about 12 x 15 inches here.


Here are some other shots.  It’s like a drawstring bag, but it knots on the back instead of going all around.




The Tulips sweater is the same size as the first Tulips, that I made with blue and green.   I used three Dream in Color Classy yarns: the Butter Peeps,  Cool Fire, and Giant Peach.


New Monitor Riser

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I didn’t know they had a name.  But I should have bought one a long time ago.


Baby sweater is almost done!!